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a spring breathwork & writing group program for new beginnings

March - June 2023 (in-person in La Honda, CA)

When we compare the cycle of the year to the cycle of the breath, the spring season is like the inhale - a rebirth, a new beginning, a gentle unfolding of what is yet to come. Spring is a beautiful time of growth, action, and outward expression. If you tend towards burnout or sensory overwhelm, the quickening of spring can also be a challenging time to respect the needs and pace of our bodies and take aligned action without burning out.

This small group program (of up to 4 women) is a deep dive into your body and heart to connect with and clarify your deepest desires for the year ahead and move forward without burning out. This program is for you if:

  • You feel burned out, numb, overwhelmed or stuck

  • You are super busy checking off the to-do list, but feel disconnected from a bigger sense of purpose and deeper sense of meaning

  • You push forward with your goals, plans, and to-dos even if your body is screaming at you to rest or change course

  • You feel like your mind and your body are not "on the same page"

  • You love yoga but your asana practice is feeling a little stale, boring, and disembodied

  • You are craving more beauty and magic in your life but honestly who has time and energy to meditate, journal or enjoy a slow lunch with friends in nature?

I believe there is a way of being and working that burns us out and depletes our energy, and a way of being and working that fuels us and gives us energy.


When we set goals and take actions from a place of "shoulds", duty, or discipline, we might be able to willpower our way through to the finish line but will feel exhausted and unfulfilled once we arrive at the end goal.


When we take our time to root our goals and actions into our deep desire and devotion, we create a life that respects these precious, sacred bodies and is filled with so much more passion and purpose. 

In this program, we will use breathwork and writing practices to connect with our bodies and hearts and let them lead us towards our deepest, truest desires and most aligned actions for the year ahead.

Pricing: $1800. Monthly payment plans starting at $300/month are available at no extra cost. 



Included in the Program

3 Half Day Retreats

Retreats are on Saturdays at my home studio in La Honda, CA from 10am - 2pm

March 25th

April 29th

June 10th



Sample Retreat Schedule: 

10am - 10:30am Tea & Check-in

10:30 - 11:30am Breathwork Practice

11:30am - 12:30pm Writing Practice

12:30pm - 2pm Lunch (provided)

*option to hike on the gorgeous trails in the surrounding MidPen Open Space Preserve before or after the retreats*

6 months of Unlimited Access to the Sensing Shakti Monthly Membership Community

Explore the membership benefits HERE. 

Included Bonuses

Weekly writing prompts and/or short recorded breathwork practices to easily integrate into your daily practice at home between retreats

Email, voicenote and/or text support between retreats

2 hours of 1-on-1 time with Hana (either virtual or in-person, must be used by September 2023)

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About the Breathwork Practices:

We will be practicing yogic pranayama, including a tantric breathwork pattern. This is not alternate nostril breathing, breath of fire, or anything similar you have done in a studio yoga class (if you have been on retreat with me in the past few years, yes, it's that breathwork). This is the most powerful practice I know for getting out of the "shoulds" and to-dos and connecting with the feeling of aliveness in my body. This practice has healed my nervous system and woken up my connection to my inner knowing in the most profound and truly indescribable ways. 

About the Writing Practices:

I will be sharing beautiful poems and passages from my favorite authors that speak directly to heart and wake up spirit. I will offer journaling prompts that help us connect to our inner guidance, deep desires, and most trustable source of clarity as we set intentions and move towards new beginnings from an embodied and aligned place. You do not need to be a "writer" or have any writing experience to participate. 

About the Community:

The women that I work with are incredible. They are mothers, creatives, healers, business owners...they hold A LOT. They hold children, households, employees, clients, ideas, projects... They have so much on their plate and work so hard, often so hard that they override their body wisdom and burn out.

The women that I am calling in to this circle are no longer willing to over-ride their body's wisdom in the pursuit of their goals and responsibilities. They are interested in creating new ways of being and working in life, motherhood, and/or business that actually prioritizes the well-being of these precious, sacred bodies and leaves us feeling filled with MORE energy, not less.

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