Note: Due to COVID-19, all in-person offerings are postponed. Lifestyle counseling sessions are available online.

Private Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle Counseling Sessions

Feeling a lack of direction, passion, and purpose and seeking some clarity and inspiration? Stuck in habits that are not helping you and looking to improve your health? Are you going through a major life transition and looking for some outside support and reflection? 


A holistic approach to body, mind, and soul wellness integrating wisdom from yoga, Ayurveda, and occupational therapy to support you in designing a nourishing and fulfilling life. In each session we will meet over a cup of tea and work together to identify your goals in various life domains (work, health, diet, relationships, sleep, spirituality, sexuality, home, etc.). We will also brainstorm around ways to minimize any barriers that are preventing you from having the life you want. We will work together to create clear long-term and short-term actionable goals to support you in designing an inspiring, nourishing, fulfilling life.

I specialize in working with teenagers navigating the challenging transition to adulthood, people with anxiety and depression, people who have experienced trauma, and individuals in recovery from addiction. 


Single Session for $150

4 Sessions for $500 (discounted to $125 per session)

8 Sessions for $800 (discounted to $100 per session)

*Private sessions available online or in-person.