Svādhyāya: One-on-One Program

Svādhyāya is a Sanskrit term which refers to introspective self-study and the study of sacred texts.


This program is a personalized 6-month exploration of yoga, ayurveda and yourself to deepen your practice and embody the teachings of yoga more fully. Flexible, self-paced, and online. Lifetime access to the content. All levels of practitioners welcome. 

This program is for you if you are: ​​

  • A committed beginner yoga student who wants to learn yoga in a way that is comprehensive and personalized. You want to learn the foundations and fundamentals of yoga in a way that is safe, sustainable and effective for your unique mind, body and lifestyle. 

  • An experienced yoga practitioner who wants to deepen your practice and understanding of all the limbs of yoga. Maybe you have thought about doing a teacher training in the future and haven't made the leap yet, or maybe you have no interest in becoming a yoga instructor but you would like to advance and deepen your practice beyond what is available in a group class setting. 

  • A certified yoga teacher who wants to embody the teachings of yoga more fully. You want to live and teach with more integrity. You are devoted to "practicing what you preach," even when it is challenging or inconvenient. You want to create offerings for your students that are deeply transformative. You want to create a thriving business doing what you love in alignment with your values. You know that being a great teacher requires a commitment to remaining a lifelong student.

  • A human being who wants to feel more presence, sacredness, and intentionality in every aspect of your life. You care deeply about your relationships, your work, and the planet. You crave more intimacy with yourself and with others. You are devoted to showing up as the best version of yourself for the things that matter to you. 

What this program includes:

  • 2 virtual or in-person* 60-min private sessions with Hana per month. Choose from “on-the mat” or “off-the-mat” sessions, or mix and match (*in-person option dependent on pandemic-related public health concerns)

    • “On-the-mat” sessions: We will meet on the mat and explore yoga postures, meditation techniques, breathing practices, and more. Each session will be thoughtfully crafted to meet you where you are in your practice.

    • “Off-the-mat” sessions: We will meet over a cup of tea and explore how yoga philosophy and ayurvedic principles apply to your “off-the-mat” life. We can cover topics like personal health, relationship dynamics, career, etc. to bring more ease, clarity, connection and intention to your life. No topic is off limits and the teachings of yoga and ayurveda apply to it all. 

  • Lifetime access to the online portal with 6 pre-recorded modules (listed below) that each include yoga classes, meditations, workshops, handouts, writing prompts, suggested books, movies, and podcasts. 

    • Note: this program was created with the intention to be a living meditation, not something to master or complete (none of this content can be mastered or completed in this lifetime anyways). All of the content is an invitation, not a requirement. There are no deadlines. Take as long as you want with whatever content is speaking to you - you have lifetime access to everything in the online portal. There is no rush. 


  • Monthly membership to the online studio included for the 6-months you are in the program

  • Personalized gifts sent to your doorstep to keep you inspired and engaged in your practice 

  • Lifetime access to the online course content ​​

Dates and Rates: 

  • October 2021 - March 2022. 6 monthly payments of $333. Last day to sign up is Monday, September 27th.