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Sensing Shakti
The One-on-One Program


a 6-month personalized journey (online and/or in person) to find your inner spark after chronic overwhelm and overstimulation

April - September, 2023

My signature program, Sensing Shakti, combines my lifetime of experience as a highly sensitive being, plus my 15+ years of studying and practicing yoga, ayurveda, breathwork, reiki, meditation, life coaching, somatics and sensory processing to support those of you who care so deeply and hold so much to heal from burnout, reclaim your SHAKTI (energetic power and feminine life force energy), and create a life and/or business create a life or business that feels ALIVE.

 This program is for you if you want personalized support to: 

  • Heal from burnout and reignite your inner spark

  • Find freedom from patterns of over-performing, over-functioning, people pleasing and comparison

  • Receive deep rest, pleasure, joy, beauty, abundance, awe, desire, creativity and play in your life

  • Learn to honor and express your boundaries and needs to experience deeper intimacy and freedom in your relationships 

  • Explore ways to stop abandoning yourself and cultivate a deeper sense of self-trust

  • Take actions that align with your personal values, your intuition and the wisdom of your body

  • Learn practices to stay grounded and keep your heart open through the beauty and the challenges of life

  • Experience your emotional range and life force energy

  • Connect with your creative life force and express your creativity

Here are some of the specific things we can do during our sessions together:

  • begin (or begin again) a breathwork, writing, or movement practice

  • start a beauty and pleasure practice

  • learn ways to support sensitive nervous systems (folks that have experienced trauma, are highly sensitive or neurodivergent)

  • find creative outlets 

  • reconnect to slow & seasonal ways of living

  • cultivate a supportive community 

  • bring back the magic you once felt in your current job 

  • explore new fulfilling career paths

  • find new ways to organize your home and work space

  • clarify boundaries around your time and energy

  • re-shape patterns of over-performing, over-functioning, people pleasing and comparison

  • unravel ancestral patterns of martyrdom and over-giving

  • start the side business you have been dreaming about so that some day you have the option to leave your job

  • restructure your business model so you have more space to do what lights you up most

  • figure out a way to market your work that feels authentic and respectful instead of soul-sucking, depleting, and sales-y

  • define (or redefine) your niche so your work is more aligned for you and more magnetic for your ideal clients

Pricing: Monthly payments of $500 per month for 6 months ($3,000 total). *Put your name on the list below for a discount code!*



Included in the One-on-One Program

Monthly Private Sessions

Each month for 6 months (April - September 2023) we will meet one-on-one (either 2x/month of zoom for 60 min each session, or 1x/month in person at my home studio in La Honda, CA for 120 minutes each session). Sessions include a combination of life coaching and somatic practices (yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy work).​

**In-person sessions at my home studio in La Honda, CA may not be available some months due to travel schedule**

One Year of Unlimited Access to the Sensing Shakti Monthly Membership Community

Explore the membership benefits HERE. 


Personalized gifts delivered to your doorstep

Email and/or text support between sessions if desired


"This program was the best gift I gave myself this year! Our sessions were indispensable. I am so grateful I was able to participate."

Hillary E.

"Growing up my parents described me as an ‘old soul,’ and would tell me I had a level of sensitivity and wisdom that was unique for someone my age. I would always sit and chat with my friends’ parents when I went over to their houses for play dates, as interested in the things grown-ups talked about as playing make-believe games in the backyard. I was and still am enamored with just about any kind of music, often moved to tears and goosebumps when listening to a song I connect with on an emotional or spiritual level. I feel deeply in touch with the emotions and vibrations of the people around me, so much sometimes that it overwhelms me.


My yoga practice has taught me that my sensitivity and empathy have been superpowers in so many ways - they’ve led me towards deeply loving and intimate relationships, a commitment to service, and a deep connection to the world and people around me. They’ve also led me to overworking and burn out, struggles with perfectionism, being manipulated and taken advantage of, and in turn a difficult relationship with trust. As I started acknowledging and addressing these issues, I found it difficult to balance my desire to connect with others and a commitment to my own well-being. At times it felt like I had to choose between one or the other, or that the only solution was to switch back and forth between putting myself first and showing up for others.


I think the reason working with Hana was so impactful for me was that I learned to hold space for both at the same time. I felt seen and safe knowing Hana understood this paradox, and truly cared about guiding people towards their own solutions through reflection, connection, and community. I knew in an instant that I could trust Hana completely, even when trust felt like a risk I wasn’t ready to take.

Marissa H.

"Hana's work takes you into a spiritual realm. Her uniquely modern approach yet totally timeless energy has guided me through releasing ancestral trauma, and reclaiming my own authentic self. She's a true healer and anyone would be lucky to practice with her."

Bronwyn R.

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