Lessons and challenges from 2018

Happy (almost) New Year!! I hope you all are having a beautiful holiday season with the perfect amount of fun and connection, and also quiet-time and reflection. After all of the festivities, I am feeling the need to go inwards, find moments of quiet, and get clear about how I want to show up for myself and for others in 2019. 

As you most definitely know by now, I LOVE setting intentions -- and I love this time of year because the collective energy is so powerful for creating positive momentum for the coming year. I am not talking about making new year's resolutions (which often are not helpful because they are set up in such a way that can make us feel like we need to be better or different, you know... the "new year, new you" nonsense). I am talking about a sankalpa, an intention made with both the heart and the mind to guide us sweetly and soulfully into the new year. You can think of your sankalpa as your "North Star" to look to throughout the year when you get lost or fall off track. 

As we sit in these last few sacred days of 2018, I would like to share with you some of my new year's reflections, in hopes that it will inspire you to take some time to reflect and do the same:

Highlights of 2018: running a business with my love, leading our first ever yoga teacher training program, leading 2 fun and successful yoga retreats (one of them our first international retreat), gathering the courage to leave my regular salary job to be in the yoga world full-time, moving to our dream home/yoga studio in the woods, deepening relationships with a beautiful community of yogis, deepening business partnerships, receiving soulful mentorship from a new teacher, studying and living Ayurvedic wisdom, being exposed to a new form of transformational breathwork, spending lots of quality time with loved ones, deepening my relationship with the cycles of the moon, beginning to lead women's circles..

Challenges of 2018: figuring out how to survive on 2 full-time yoga teacher incomes, the rude awakening of paying self-employment taxes, moving twice (once was moving back in with my parents for a few months), making the decision to leave my regular salary job, navigating a challenging business relationship, facing off with some of my not-so-helpful thought and behavior patterns, making a few business mistakes, learning to protect my energy and set boundaries with work, breathing in smoke from the California wildfires, staying connected to the tragedies that are happening in the world and also remaining hopeful...

Lessons of 2018: embodiment is the most powerful form of leadership, I can only teach what I know, I can trust my body, I can make a living just by showing up as myself and sharing what I love, community is healing, to nourish others well I need to nourish myself first, nature is the best medicine, ritual is powerful, I can feel grief and gratitude at the same time, paradox is the only spiritual truth...

Word to sum-up 2018: GROWTH (and growing pains)

Word to sum-up what I want to give to myself and to others in 2019 (SANKALPA): NOURISHMENT. I have lots of goals, projects and creations being birthed in 2019 (stay tuned!!!) and as I move towards them, my intention is to move through the world in such a way that I am nourishing myself and others on a body, mind, and soul level. 

I encourage you to take some time this new year's to reflect on the year that has just passed and the year that is coming up. Create a sacred space for yourself, light a candle, grab your journal and a cup of tea, and start reflecting....

What was beautiful about 2018? What was challenging? What lessons did I learn?How do I want to FEEL in 2019? How do I want to make other people feel in 2019? What do I want to do in 2019, and can those goals be in alignment with the way that I want myself and others to feel?

Happy New Year!

With love,