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My young adulthood as an HSP

My early 20s were a blur. I was constantly lighting my life on fire and spending all my energy to put the fire out. Then starting another one. I partied a lot. I pretended I was an extrovert. I ignored my body. I numbed my senses. I numbed my intuition. I ignored red flags. I had no boundaries. I felt regret and shame. I forgot how to trust myself.

In my mid 20s, after my own version of a "rock bottom," I started to find my way back home. I stopped numbing. I came back to my spiritual practice. I worked with therapists, coaches and healers who helped me release my patterns of people-pleasing and perfectionism. I dove deep into a self-compassion and forgiveness practice. I started to hear my intuition again, and this time I listened to her wisdom. I acted in alignment with my inner guidance, and bit by bit, I learned to trust myself.

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