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Sensing Shakti

The Monthly Membership Community

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Sensing Shakti
The Monthly Membership

My signature program, Sensing Shakti, combines my lifetime of experience as a highly sensitive being, plus my 15+ years of studying and practicing yoga, ayurveda, breathwork, reiki, meditation, life coaching, somatics and sensory processing to support highly sensitive beings who care so deeply and hold so much to heal from burnout, reclaim their SHAKTI (energetic power and feminine life force energy), and create a life of intimacy, sovereignty, and purpose. 


 This membership is for you if you want to:

  • Heal from burnout and reignite your inner spark

  • Find freedom from patterns of over-performing, over-functioning, people pleasing and comparison

  • Receive deep rest, pleasure, joy, beauty, abundance, awe, desire, creativity and play in your life

  • Learn to honor and express your boundaries and needs to experience deeper intimacy and freedom in all of your relationships 

  • Finally stop abandoning yourself and cultivate unshakable self-trust

  • Take actions that align with your personal values, your intuition and the wisdom of your body

  • Learn practices to stay grounded and keep your heart open through the beauty and the challenges of life as a sensitive soul

  • Experience the raw power of your emotional range and unstoppable life force energy

  • Bring your creative vision to life

  • Harness your sensitivity as your greatest superpower

$77 per month. 7 day free trial. Cancel anytime.  


Monthly Themes


Understand Your Sensitive Superpowers


Embody Your Emotions


Align Your Actions


Uncover Sacred Sensuality


Hold Duality


Practice Self-Mothering


Stand in Sovereignty


Activate Keen Discernment


Follow the Muse


Honor Your Intuition


Embrace the Unknown


Surrender and Receive


Inside The Membership Each Month

Monthly Full Moon Workshop

Sweat, strength, movement, expression, power.

90 min themed workshop with Hana hosted monthly on zoom (live once a month on a Saturday 9am PST, recording available).

Monthly New Moon Workshop

Stillness, nervous system healing, restoration, journaling, presence.

90 min themed workshop with Hana hosted monthly on zoom (live once a month on a Saturday 9am PST, recording available).

Monthly Coaching 

Monthly pre-recorded video lesson with Hana. A deep dive into each monthly theme with practices and strategies to integrate the teachings into your life.

Seasonal Ayurvedic Recipes

Nourishing seasonal, plant-based recipes by trained chef and herbalist, Rachel Wright, of Rosemary and Rue.

Library of Yoga Asana Classes and Meditations

Access to library of 150+ yoga class recordings and audio meditations with Hana available to stream anytime, anywhere (classes range from 15 - 75 minutes long and styles include vinyasa flow, yin/restorative, yoga nidra, and pre/post natal yoga).