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Hana Clare Raftery

I specialize in supporting neurodivergent and highly sensitive parents, caregivers, and service providers stuck in burnout to feel more rested and creatively fulfilled.



Somatic Life Coach - M.S. in Occupational Therapy - Yoga Teacher - Ayurvedic Health Counselor - Breathwork Facilitator - Reiki Healer - Safe & Sound Protocol Provider

Online & In-Person. Based in the California Bay Area.

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Burnout SUCKS.

It feels robotic. Like a head attached to a numb body. Life feels grey and blah. Food tastes bland. Sex sounds unappealing (and definitely last on the loooooong list of things to do). Creativity is zapped. Work falls flat. Relationships feel dull. A wave of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exhaustion takes over that no amount of sleep, meditation or vacation days will cure.

It's so frustrating that the remedy we are so often given to heal from burnout is some version of "work less" and "rest more."


What if you can't "work less"?


What if "resting" makes you restless?


As a highly sensitive toddler-mom and multi-passionate solopreneur, I know burnout well. 


This is my work because it is my story. You can read more about my story HERE.


My clients are…

  • Yoga teachers, mental health clinicians, medical professionals and other healers and service providers trying to figure out how to make a sustainable living doing meaningful work that they love without "burning the candle at both ends"

  • Neurodivergent and highly sensitive people struggling with overwhelm and overstimulation, trying to find a way to exist in a world created for neurotypical folks


  • Moms exhausted by the endless and invisible labor of motherhood, longing for a path forward that takes into account their own needs and desires

  • Women who are the primary income earners in their household wondering how long their bodies can sustain this pace


I help my clients deepen their understanding of their unique nervous system and support them to set up the structure of their lives and/or businesses in a way that honors their body's needs and allows them to share their gifts with their community.

My work combines my lived experience of healing from burnout and navigating life with sensory sensitivites, plus my 15+ years of studying and practicing yoga, ayurveda, breathwork, reiki, meditation, life coaching, occupational therapy, polyvagal theory, somatics and sensory processing science. You can read more about my background and approach HERE.


Free Practice Bundles

A great place to start exploring!


In-Person Yoga 

Weekly classes and regular workshops at Yoga of Los Altos


Online Yoga Monthly Membership

Online vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, and meditation. New recordings released regularly.


One-on-One Coaching

Personalized somatic life coaching to support you to heal from burnout. Online and/or in-person.


Yoga Retreats

Adventure, rest, beauty, pleasure, creativity, awe and community. Small group retreats.

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