Hana Raftery

Yoga | Ayurveda | Community

Online and In-Person 

Based in the California Bay Area


Online Studio

Monthly Membership Community

A monthly membership community with online yoga, ayurveda, seasonal recipes, astrology, meditation, inspiration and more! Live and pre-recorded content released each month. 


One-on-One Program

This program is a personalized 6-month exploration of yoga, ayurveda and yourself to deepen your practice and integrate it into your daily life. Flexible, self-paced, and online. Committed beginners, experienced practitioners, and certified yoga teachers welcome. 


Community Groups

Free, virtual monthly group gatherings including a moon circle for women and a business support circle for wellness entrepreneurs


"Hana's classes take you into a spiritual realm. Her uniquely modern approach yet totally timeless energy has guided me through releasing ancestral trauma, and reclaiming my own authentic self. She's a true healer and anyone would be lucky to practice with her."

Bronwyn R.

"I have been going to Hana's yoga classes from when she first became a certified yoga teacher. If you are looking for strong practice complemented by a very light hearted lead there is no one better that I know of. I have paid her the best compliment that I as practitioner can. I have shown up twice a week for several years now!"

Bala P.

Ashlee O.

"Hana's knowledge and expertise is very evident in her classes and I always leave with a beautifully personal take away. She approaches students with love and is consistently prepared to put her best foot forward in sharing her knowledge. I am also very proud to call her my teacher as she guided me in my journey as a yoga teacher and very much set me up for success!"

Jackie C.

"I feel fortunate to have meet Hana. What impressed me the most about her was not her knowledge or experience, but how she takes pride in everything she does, how she put every one of her clients in her heart, and how she is compelled to do good to others."