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  • LIVE All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Class on ZOOM with Hana (Saturdays 9 - 10:15am PST, all classes are recorded in case you are not able to make it live)

  • Pre-recorded yoga class with Hana (15 - 75 min long, styles include vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga)

  • Ayurvedic, Plant-Based, Seasonal Recipe from Rachel Wright of Rosemary and Rue


  • Pre-recorded Vinyasa Flow Class with Ngugi Kihara

  • Pre-recorded Yoga Nidra Meditation practice with Hana

  • PDF guide with inspiration to support your practice (poetry, readings, and affirmations)

  • Curated SPOTIFY playlists to support your practice


  • Access to library of 100+ yoga class recordings available anytime, anywhere

  • Access to bonus classes, lifestyle resources, and audio meditations

Starting at $33 per month. 7 day free trial. Cancel anytime. 10% of proceeds from online offerings donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). 

Private and Group Yoga Classes

I offer weekly public group yoga classes at Yoga of Los Altos. I also offer personalized yoga classes in the comfort of a home studio designed to meet your needs. Session focus can include: technique and alignment in yoga postures, strength and flexibility training, injury prevention, modifications for physical limitations, stress management strategies, etc.

I specialize in working with teenagers navigating the challenging transition to adulthood, people with anxiety and depression, people who have experienced trauma, and individuals in recovery from addiction. 

Lifestyle Counseling

A holistic approach to body, mind, and soul wellness integrating wisdom from yoga, Ayurveda, and occupational therapy to support you in designing a nourishing and fulfilling life. In each session we will meet over a cup of tea and work together to identify your goals in various life domains (work, health, diet, relationships, sleep, spirituality, sexuality, home, etc.). We will also brainstorm around ways to minimize any barriers that are preventing you from having the life you want. We will work together to create clear long-term and short-term actionable goals to support you in designing an inspiring, nourishing, fulfilling life.

I specialize in working with teenagers navigating the challenging transition to adulthood, people with anxiety and depression, people who have experienced trauma, and individuals in recovery from addiction. 

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Support for new yoga teachers. Session focus can include support with yoga class design, sequencing, hands-on assists, marketing, workshop and retreat planning, website design, hands-on assist practice, etc. Sessions are personalized and designed to support you in creating a business and life you love.

Events, Training and Retreats

I offer a variety of workshops, local and international yoga retreats and yoga teacher training programs. These events are often co-lead with my husband and fellow yoga teacher, Ngugi Kihara, and other guest teachers. 


"Hana's classes take you into a spiritual realm. Her uniquely modern approach yet totally timeless energy has guided me through releasing ancestral trauma, and reclaiming my own authentic self. She's a true healer and anyone would be lucky to practice with her."

Bronwyn R.

"I have been going to Hana's yoga classes from when she first became a certified yoga teacher. If you are looking for strong practice complemented by a very light hearted lead there is no one better that I know of. I have paid her the best compliment that I as practitioner can. I have shown up twice a week for several years now!"

Bala P.

Ashlee O.

"Hana's knowledge and expertise is very evident in her classes and I always leave with a beautifully personal take away. She approaches students with love and is consistently prepared to put her best foot forward in sharing her knowledge. I am also very proud to call her my teacher as she guided me in my journey as a yoga teacher and very much set me up for success!"

Jackie C.

"I feel fortunate to have meet Hana. What impressed me the most about her was not her knowledge or experience, but how she takes pride in everything she does, how she put every one of her clients in her heart, and how she is compelled to do good to others."