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5 signs you might be highly sensitive

1) You are highly sensitive to the energy, emotions, and sensory input around you.

  • The beauty: You are naturally attuned to other people's emotions and even feel the emotions of others in your body. You can easily see another person's perspective. You can sense small changes in the environment. You are sensitive to the change of the seasons and cycles of the moon. You feel deeply connected to the earth and to animals. The beauty of a sunset, a song, or a piece of art brings you to tears.

  • The challenge: You absorb other people’s emotions and feel the pain of the world. Too much sensory stimulation overwhelms you. You struggle to feel and express your own emotions because you are overwhelmed by processing everyone else’s. You get caught in comparison and are overly reliant on external validation. Anxiety and depression are familiar to you. Sometimes it is all too much to feel and you isolate and numb out.


2) You have a rich inner life.

  • The beauty: You are a deep thinker and a creative visionary. Philosophical and spiritual conversations invigorate you.

  • The challenge: Small talk and superficial social situations exhaust you. You struggle to feel a sense of belonging in mainstream culture.


3) You are a natural healer and helper.

  • The beauty: You are a gifted and powerful parent, caregiver, friend, teacher, medical professional, therapist, coach, writer, activist, yoga teacher, massage therapist, artist, reiki master, astrologer chef, or other helper/healer. The people in your life (and even strangers) trust you and come to you for guidance.

  • The challenge: You tend to over-give and overwork. You easily lose yourself in the role of helper/healer. You feel overly responsible for those you serve. You spend more time tending to the emotions of others than honoring your own inner landscape. You lose sight of your own vision and purpose while helping others find theirs. You feel physically, emotionally, and energetically depleted and burned out.


4) You have a “sixth sense.”

  • The beauty: You have intuitive experiences that you can’t explain, like connecting with an ancestor who has passed away or sensing something before it happens.

  • The challenge: You worry about sharing your intuitive gifts with others out of fear that you will be ostracized and misunderstood. You feel like you have to hide parts of yourself.


5) You strive for healthy relationships that allow for sovereignty and intimacy, even when it is not easy.

  • The beauty: You love people and understand that intimate relationships are essential for a meaningful life. You need space, sovereignty and freedom to feel fully expressed.

  • The challenge: You struggle to set boundaries and have people-pleasing patterns. You have experienced relationships with unequal power dynamics. You have abandoned yourself many times in an effort to feel intimacy. You aren't sure if you can trust yourself. It is challenging to maintain your sense of self and connection to your purpose while in a relationship.

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