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Burnout IS sustainable

I hear a lot that "burnout is NOT sustainable." And I for sure agree with the heart of this statement - but I think the language is misleading, because many of us DO live in a sustained state of burnout for months, for years, even for decades.


Our bodies are amazingly resilient. They are built for survival at all costs and can run for a very long time on very little nourishment (honestly I was amazed in the first year of motherhood that my body could still function and go to work and make breast milk on such little sleep).


Some of us will hit a harsh breaking point, but many of us will never quiteee get there and keep teetering right on the edge of empty. We will keep filling up the gas tank a tiny bit and then quickly using it all up, testing the limits of how far we can go with the gas light on, getting a tiny bit more gas and running down the tank again, and on and on and on. For months, for years, even for decades.


And honestly we can probably keep it up for a pretty long time. But the cost is high, as you know. On our creativity, our relationships, our sexuality, our parenting, our sleep, our spirituality. And the cost is so high on our sweet bodies.

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