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Grief & relief

We left Hawaii a few days before the horrific and tragic fires started on Maui. I’m noticing my own grief for everyone who lost their lives, their loved ones, their animals, their land, their homes, their businesses (I chose this organization, ‘Aina Momona, to donate to those impacted by the Maui fires) and relief that my family and our retreat participants had already left the island and that our home in California is not also on fire right now.


I am also noticing some sadness that the excitement of summer and smell of sunscreen is coming to an end, and simultaneous relief that my planning notebook and the comforting certainty of routines are (finally) returning.


Our little one is almost 3 years old and heading off to her first day of preschool and I am feeling grief that her baby years are really almost done now, and also so much relief that diaper-free days and sleep-filled nights are (likely) in my future.


With all of these things, the relief is coming with a little bit of “is it okay to feel this part too” and “shouldn’t I only be feeling ______.” I am noticing the urge to speed up and rush to the next thing because complexities are uncomfortable and confusing and messy …. So I am very intentionally slowing down, putting a hand on my heart, breathing, and feeling the complexity, the nuance, the contradictions of this human experience.


I am sending you lots of love in this late summer transition and wishing you slowness and ease as you navigate the grief/relief/fill-in-the-blank of whatever you are moving through. 

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