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The artistry of retreats

The other day, my brilliant friend Jen Lo was talking about something that she heard in Rick Rubin’s new book, The Creative Act: A Way of Being. The something: what’s the difference between ART and CRAFT?


“The major difference between art and crafts is that CRAFTS are something you can easily reproduce, while ARTS are more unique and cannot be duplicated.” (


I used to approach retreat creation like a CRAFT. Create the workshop outlines, teach them, rinse and repeat in a new location.


Over the past few years, my retreat creation process has shifted into ART. Every retreat is unique, and absolutely cannot be duplicated. That uncertainty and lack of control in (co)-creating this way used to make me incredibly nervous (what if people are disappointed??), but now I lean into it as inspiration and the end result is drastically more beautiful. The relating to the unique inspiration of the present moment is what makes it art.


These are the questions I contemplate now in my retreat creation mode:


1) What is unique about the season and timing of the retreat?

How is the medicine of summer different from the medicine of winter? How is the energy of the new moon different from the full moon? What if it is pouring rain or snow? What if it is insanely hot and humid? How can we relate to the environment as artistic inspiration?


2) What is unique about the land the retreat is held on?

Where are we? Whose land are we staying on? Who lived here first? How can we work with the people who live here and know how to honor this land? How can we eat in a way that sources local and seasonal foods?


3) What is unique about the retreat group?

What is each individual craving from this experience? What gifts does each person bring to the space? How can we CO-CREATE this journey?

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