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Are you able to experience pleasure without guilt?

Are you able to feel pleasure? To enjoy dessert without feeling guilty? To enjoy sex without worrying about that email? To enjoy your kid’s laughter without thinking about the dishes in the sink?

If you can’t feel pleasure, you have disconnected from yourself. Disconnected from the sacred. Disconnected from the beauty and the awe of the world. Disconnected from others. Disconnected from shakti.

If you can’t feel pleasure, you are disconnected from your sensitivity.

If you can’t feel pleasure, you have a layer of armor on.

Some of the most sensitive souls have the thickest layer of armor. The armor develops as a coping strategy. As a necessary protective barrier from the sensory and emotional overload that can happen to sensitive beings living and feeling in the world.

All coping strategies are wise survival adaptations. The problem arises when we don’t know how or when to take the armor off. The problem arises when we don’t even know that we are wearing it.

The armor protects us from sensory and emotional overload, but it also blocks us from fully experiencing our lives. It blocks us from experiencing beauty, pleasure, true intimacy, and awe. The armor blocks the flow of shakti.

One path to removing the armor safely and compassionately is the practice of SENSUALITY. Sensuality is the practice of resensitizing yourself to the beauty of the world. Resensitizing yourself to the flow of shakti. Resensitizing yourself to the sacred. Resensitizing yourself to other beings. Resensitizing yourself to yourself.

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