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Have you ever been told you are "too much"?

For many years I practiced (and taught) yoga in a way that reinforced all the problematic beliefs that highly sensitive beings are faced with: that we are too much, too emotional, and too sensitive. That our sensitivity is something that needs to be “dealt with” through emotional management, self-control, and self-regulation. That if we could just figure out how to get UP and OUT of this sensory experience that the promise of calm, contentment, and peace will be waiting on the other side.

In meditation, I practiced noticing that my back hurt, and not reacting. I practiced noticing that my arm was itchy, and not reacting. I practiced noticing my desires, cravings, and longings and not reacting. I practiced noticing that my heart rate was fast and my breath was shallow, and immediately controlling it back down to a slower and deeper rhythm. I practiced noticing my emotions and using the “name it to tame it” strategy (which really just got me out of my felt experience and right back into more mentalization and self-control).

In my yoga practice, I got really good at noticing sensation, not reacting to it, and appearing calm. I got really good at dissociating from my body and going right into my mind. I got really good at silencing my sensitivity and my power.

My wish for all of the sensitive beings is that we engage in our somatic practices in a way that helps us unlearn the belief of “too much”, and takes us safely and sweetly back DOWN and IN to the power of our sensitivity.

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