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Mindset isn't everything

Pretty much anytime I teach a class, write a blog, or offer a program, my mind tells me a story. The story sounds like, "No one is going to come. No one wants this. You’re going to embarrass yourself. You’re going to say the wrong thing. Someone else is doing it better so why even bother? Why would they come to your class when they could go to so-and-so’s class?” I’ve been in the practice of observing my thoughts for long enough now that I know these are just stories and that my thoughts are not facts. I’ve been doing this long enough to also know that the stories are not going away anytime soon. The clients I work with know this too.

For empaths and folks who have a highly sensitive interoceptive system (the sensory system that gives us information about what is happening inside of our bodies like heart rate, breathing rate, etc.) the tricky part is learning how to navigate the sensations that come with these stories. We tend to get stuck in endless analysis about our thoughts, and try to think our way into a new belief system. We try to think our way towards our dreams and desires. Try to think our way towards a better life. And we still feel stuck. The stories still come, our hearts still race, our faces still turn red, our hands still get sweaty, and we still want to run away or hide under the covers. And our dreams still feel far away.

The stories our minds tell us are not going to end anytime soon. Sensations do end, if you learn how to let them (while still honoring and creating safety in your highly sensitive system).

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