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My earliest HSP memory

One of my earliest memories is when my friend's mom died. My maternal grandma died soon after. I was too young to understand what death was so was not consciously sad, but I remember feeling my friend's and my mom's grief in my body as a heaviness and a racing in my chest and belly.

I started to feel unsettled all the time. I was convinced the house was going to catch on fire and that people were going to die. My parents took me to a child therapist. The therapist had me play with little plastic toys in a sandbox and tell stories about abstract pictures of colorful blobs.

Before bed, I started to talk to something ? someone ? - Spirit, Goddess, God - whatever you want to call it. I guess I was praying, which is interesting because I was not raised in a religious household and was never taught to pray. This was my first spiritual practice, my first coping strategy for my sensitivity, and it helped. It helped me feel safe and helped me fall asleep.

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