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There's a difference between hearing a song and allowing yourself to be moved to tears by the music.

There's a difference between eating a piece of chocolate and allowing yourself to be transported to ecstasy by the tastes and textures.

There's a difference between writing a gratitude list in your journal and allowing yourself to experience the depths and layers of love towards the people and things you wrote down on your list.

In all of these examples, the external sensory stimulus is the same. What makes the difference to bring the moments to life is in how we process the sensations. What makes the difference is allowing ourselves to be deeply impacted by sensory input (a complex thing to do for highly sensitive people who have built up layers of protection against sensory overload).

Bringing sensation to life happens through the practice of sensuality. Sensuality is slow, curious, present, embodied, open, receptive.

Sensuality is the practice of allowing yourself to be affected by the sensations of life.

Sensuality is the practice of embodying the beauty of the world.

Sensuality is the practice of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The practice of sensuality is how we awaken Shakti and bring ourselves back to life.

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