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Tending to your sensitive inner child

All kids are sensitive. We come into the world purely as sensory beings responding to sensory stimuli: lights, sounds, textures, internal hunger cues, pressure, proprioceptive input about where our head and limbs are in space, and a felt sense of skin-to-skin connection. Kids learn about themselves and the world through curiosity about sensation (what happens if I spin my body around a bunch of times? What happens if I let go of my spoon from up here? What happens if I bang these 2 blocks together?).

My invitation to myself this summer is to explore the things my senses loved as a little one as a pathway back to sensitivity and connection. Things like….

  • Finger paint

  • Chewing sour grass

  • Floating with my ears under water

  • Laying in the grass and watching the clouds change shapes

  • Blowing bubbles

  • Making daisy chains

  • Cartwheels

Were you a highly sensitive child? What did your sensory system love when you were little?

p.s. I would love to practice yoga with you! Check out my free practice bundles HERE.


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