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3 ways to practice gratitude

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Gratitude is such a powerful emotion -- arguably the most powerful positive emotion that exists. Gratitude transforms the negative to a positive in an instant. Gratitude is a choice, it is a mental habit that we get to practice moment by moment. Shifting our focus to what we are grateful for can shift our whole perspective on life in a split second. We have the power to shift our mindset from scarcity to abundance to call in more beauty, love, and light into our lives whenever we choose to.

Here are some ways to practice gratitude today and everyday.

Gratitude for people: Say thank you to the amazing people in your life. Tell them why you appreciate them. Notice if resistance comes up when you think about verbally expressing gratitude and appreciation. Does it feel awkward? Do you feel like you “don’t have that type of relationship” with ______ where you express your gratitude? Does it feel vulnerable? Go there. If verbal expression is just way too uncomfortable, you can always write a letter expressing your gratitude towards that person and their impact on your life. You just might be amazed by how the relationship transforms.

Gratitude for abundance: Start by making a list of all the material and non-material ways abundance shows up in your life. We are so incredibly fortunate. Show gratitude for the abundance you are blessed with by giving away what you have more than enough of to people who have less (money, time, love, etc).

Gratitude for experiences: Take time to reflect on the life experiences that have shaped you. The positive experiences and the beautiful moments, and also the struggles and hardships. Find gratitude for the lessons you have learned from your experiences that have helped you become the person you are today. One of my teachers suggests to look at all the experiences that have brought you to this moment and say “Thank you for bringing me here.”

Have a very happy Thanksgiving. Here’s to remembering to cultivate gratitude today and everyday and to treat each day as a gift, not a given right.

Thank you, I am grateful for you!

With love,


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