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Spanda: the pulse of life

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

“Spanda” is a Sanskrit term that refers to the pulsation of life force energy. The energy within us and around us is in a constant dance of expansion and contraction. Spanda happens on a micro-scale: every inhale we expand, every exhale we contract. Spanda also happens on a macro-scale: our lives go through periods of expansion and periods of contraction. Just like how good sleep prepares us for a good day ahead, periods of contraction prepare us for periods of expansion.

For the past few years, I have been in a period of major energetic expansion. I have taken on so many new jobs, started teaching a lot of new class times, created new business relationships and friendships, trained in new modalities, and launched new programs and retreats. I have grown so much and my capacity to hold more of life’s complexities and challenges has expanded exponentially. I am so, so grateful for the last few years of energetic expansion, and…

I am starting to feel my energy shift. I feel a period of contraction coming. I am feeling the desire to draw inwards and come back home to the practices and people in my life that matter the most. I am feeling the energetic pull to “dig a few deep holes” instead of “digging lots of shallow holes.” I want less superficial work where I only have the bandwidth to graze the surface of things (both in my personal practice and with my clients and students), and I want more deep work where I can truly connect with the power and the potency of just a few things. I feel change coming, and I don’t know yet how that change will manifest. Change feels scary, and I am practicing trusting the pulse, the rhythm, the spanda of life.

With love,


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