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What is your nervous system "beauty edge"?

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

I've spent the last 15+ years of my personal life and career figuring out how to regulate my own nervous system and support others to do the same. Most days now, my nervous system is regulated. I don't live in survival mode anymore. When I do have those human moments of fight/flight/freeze, I spot them quickly and use my tools (mindset, physical practices, breath work) to get back to center.

I am playing a different game now. Instead of figuring out how to get my nervous system back to baseline, I'm figuring out how to stay in the goodness and let it feel safe. How to thrive instead of just survive. How to lean into joy, ease, beauty, abundance, and pleasure. How to let it be this good. Without waiting for the other shoe to drop. Without looking over my shoulder. Without wondering if I deserve it. Without holding on so tightly because I fear it will never be this good again.

My daily practice to soak in the goodness : find my beauty edge. Standing in nature, drinking the expensive tea in the most gorgeous mug, looking into their long can I lean into the beauty and the magic before my mind steals me away from how gorgeous this moment is right now? How much beauty, joy, and pleasure can I actually tolerate?

This is the nervous system edge I'm interested in. Expansion, transcendence, thriving. I'm done just figuring out how to survive.

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