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Why I love retreats

I’ve been going on retreats since I was a teenager (thank you mom and dad). In my 20s, I celebrated most of my birthdays by myself on retreat at Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Grass Valley and Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Ngugi and I fell in love on a retreat in Yellowstone facilitated by our dear teacher, Toni. My “bachelorette party” was a yoga retreat with a few close friends at 1440 Multiversity.

Retreats have been some of the most powerful portals into exploring new depths in my relationship with myself, with my partner, with friends (both new and old!), and with my creativity. I’ve never thought of retreats as a way to tune out or escape my life, rather, retreats are where I go when I want and need to tune in. They have never just been "weekend getaways" - retreats are where I go to uncover new parts of myself. To spark lasting change. To step into the next layer of my becoming. The place I go to celebrate milestones and to grieve heartbreaks. The place I go to process and digest life. To hear myself again. To see in new ways. To connect. To create. To remember.

The retreat I am offering this fall is going to be so, so special. It is unlike any retreat I have attended or created in the past. This retreat is a sacred container created specifically for strong and sensitive women to heal from emotional burnout and sensory overwhelm. For the parents, the teachers, the coaches, the helpers, the therapists, the medical professionals, the activists, the "strong" friends, the planners…this is for you.

This retreat is a sacred container for you to rest into and expand out of. It holds the best of everything I know about sensitivity, healing, and community cultivation, the most nourishing and delicious food made by Rachel Wright, and incredible offerings from beloved guest teachers.

In this container you will have time on your mat, with your body, with your breath, with a blank page, a cup of tea and a cozy blanket, time circled around the dinner table with people who get you and who see you, time under the starry night sky, gazing up at the trees, around the fireplace, listening to the waves crashing on the Mendocino Coast…

There will be time for rest and time for play.

Time for being alone and time for being together.

Space for reflection and space for expression.

For stillness and for movement.

For beauty, for nature, for laughter, for tears, for depth, for creativity, for community, for connection, for you.

p.s. I would love to practice yoga with you! Check out my free practice bundles HERE.


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