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Why is "awe" such an important state?

Last week my coach asked me to recall some memories. Not all of these moments came to me when he asked initially, but they are coming now:

Sitting around a fireplace with my beloved yoga community, staring up at the night sky, watching with terror and amazement at what we now know was SpaceX explode in the sky. Standing on the bridge of the Rio Grande Gorge in New Mexico staring down, down, down that incredible canyon. The protests and political movements of the last few years. A breathwork workshop at Bhakti Fest with hundreds of people screaming, crying, laughing, writhing on the floor. Sitting on the hood of the car in Joshua Tree with Ngugi under the night sky in utter silence except for that coyote way off in the distance. A kirtan with hundreds of voices chanting together. Seeing a bear in the wild. Watching the sky over Russian Ridge explode in color every morning and night. Falling in love. Birthing our baby. Watching her grow up.

The similarities between these moments? Multifaceted AWE. Moments when I felt so deeply connected and also completely alone. Moments of deep trust and also total uncertainty and loss of control. Joy, gratitude, love, fear, grief, overwhelm all mixed together.

These are the moments where we meet Shakti. We meet life. We meet power. Do you trust her?

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