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Alignment with what?

My first yoga teacher taught me to keep my feet together in tadasana, line up my heels in warrior one, keep my elbows locked straight in downward dog. I was a very eager-to-please and bendy teenager and got lots of external validation that my poses were "perfect." 


I left for college and started practicing with a new teacher. "What happens if you keep your feet hip's distance apart in warrior one? What happens if you micro-bend your knees and elbows in downward dog?" I was dumbfounded. How can you own a yoga studio and not know the alignment rules? 


For the next 5 years I studied a new set of alignment principles - keep my feet hip's distance apart in tadasana, lengthen my tailbone, soften my floating ribs in, micro-bend my knees and elbows, spiral my inner thighs. I perfected this new methodology. My ankle bones didn't touch each other for the next 10 years. 


Throughout my life I've continued to study different methodologies, and I will continue to. The promise of any method is to improve our experience of life. And it's been helpful for me to learn other people's methods.


But no one else can give you a “perfect” roadmap for your own aliveness.


Honestly sometimes I wish there was that straightforward. That someone could just tell me YES if you perfect this particular diet, you will live happily ever after. If you pursue this particular career, you will definitely be fulfilled. My eldest daughter - overly responsible - over functioning - recovering people pleasing- recuperating perfectionist- self could definitely conquer whatever the formula is. Give me some magic rules and I will follow the sh*t out of them.


But we both know there is no formula and there are no magic rules. We try on all these methods and diets and jobs and relationships, see what feels good, take what works, leave what doesn’t, and come to know ourselves better in the process. 


Alignment is a process of continuous self-inquiry and micro-adjustments, not a final destination. 


A yoga pose that you loved when you were 20 might not feel good anymore. 


The job that you’ve had for 5 years might not be “in alignment” anymore. 


The relationship might not be a fit during this season of your life. 


The business offering that used to sell out every time might be falling flat with your audience and your own energy. 


The town that you live in might not feel like home anymore.  

Alignment is a process of continuous self-inquiry and micro-adjustments, not a final destination. 

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