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Are you experiencing burnout?

Empaths and highly sensitive folks are the leaders that we so desperately need in this world. You are the ones who care so deeply and tend to the earth and humanity with such profound devotion. Because of this incredible superpower of sensitivity that you hold, empaths and highly sensitive people are also the ones who tend to burn out the fastest.

Signs of emotional burnout:

  • You simultaneously feel like you are doing way too much and also feel like you are never quite doing enough

  • You know all the things you are supposed to do to take care of yourself (eat well, exercise, go to sleep early) but have too much on your plate and not enough energy to prioritize those things

  • You swing back and forth from caring the most and then needing to numb out from caring so much

  • You are exhausted but feel like you can't stop without things falling apart

  • You feel resentful that your needs are not met and aren't sure it's even possible to have what you want and need

  • When you do get support, things are not done as well as you could do them and it feels easier to just do it yourself

  • It's hard for you to function if your kids, partner, friends, or family are upset or stressed

  • You feel the urge to fix things for people if they are in an uncomfortable situation

  • You have a hard time expressing certain emotions (maybe you can easily express that you are angry but can't express when you are sad...or the other way around)

  • You are avoiding a hard conversation or waiting for the "perfect moment" to bring up that thing

  • You are great at planning celebrations for other people but do not take time to celebrate yourself

  • When people ask what you want you say "I don't know", "I'm fine", or "I don't need anything"

  • You are simultaneously craving more intimacy (deeper conversations, more presence, better sex, friends that understand you) and more alone time

  • You can't remember the last time you had real fun and laughed so hard your face and belly hurt

I am about to open up a few spots for my one-on-one program. The program is 6 month's long and includes personalized coaching and somatic work (yoga, breath-work, energy healing). It is available online and/or in person. This program supports empaths and heart-centered entrepreneurs to heal from burnout, reclaim their SHAKTI (energetic power and feminine life force energy), and create a life of intimacy, sovereignty, and purpose.

This personalized program is for the mother reclaiming their time, pleasure, joy and beauty. For the person rediscovering their purpose after a loss or life transition. For the person in the middle of navigating a life transition. For the creative starting the blog, writing the book, or creating art. For the heart-centered entrepreneur going after their dreams and making money doing what they love. For the empath reclaiming sensitivity as THE superpower that our world needs most.

p.s. I would love to practice yoga with you! Check out my free practice bundles HERE.


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